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PFAS originally referred to as PFCs, aka forever chemicals. Everything you need to know about this large group of toxic chemicals; read, share, and bookmark. This page will be updated frequently.
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Know the facts about water within your body. Once you're more aware of the key roles certain body parts have with things like filtering, cleansing and detoxification - it becomes clearer just how important consuming pure water daily truly is...


Yes, your drinking water quality will vary among regions, states, and local communities. Some areas will be better than others. However, your water quality is susceptible to new contaminations from almost every major industry you can think of, directly and indirectly, knowingly and unknowingly.

Water with unsafe contaminants can cause various medical conditions — from neurological disorders like chronic fatigue syndrome and brain fog to all auto-immune diseases and cancers.

Do yourself a huge favor and query your local water; find out how "safe" the water is; EWG's Tap Water Database.

The federal government's legal limits are not health-protectiveThe EPA has not set a new tap water standard in almost 20 years; some measures are more than 40 years old.

Do you want to make an immediate positive impact on your health? Stop drinking, bathing and cooking with contaminated water...


With more exposure coming to light on this paramount topic of 'water quality' we understand how easy one can be overwhelmed by the options being sold.

Many of these options have heavy marketing budgets and will always be sold to you as 'the best' - please do your due diligence. We would not have invested the time, energy, and heavy resources to create the PristineHydro® Water Revival System™ if an absolute solution had already existed.

While tap water has been found to be a better source than many bottled water sources, unfortunately, even some of the cleanest water in the U.S. is still filled with contaminants. Even under the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulation, toxins are still in the water we consume every day.

Water that passes the EPA's test and qualifies as clean under legal limits may contain toxins that far exceed the limits outlined by qualified scientific research.

As the environment and landscapes across the country change, the potential for new and harmful toxins penetrating our drinking water increases.

Drinking Water Alternatives Compared to the PristineHydro Water Revival System


Every single detail, every decision, 100% intentional to crack this code for our fellow humans. Achieving water's purest form is the essence of PristineHydro®.

Our proprietary 10-Stage Water Revival System™ removes everything you don't want while restoring and reviving water to its original, unspoiled condition.

We set a new standard: ortho-silicic acid, high-alkaline pH, magnesium bicarbonate, and properly mineralized H2 hydrogen-rich water.

Unparalleled hydration for your body, supporting its own ability to heal from withIN!

Join the thousands of healthcare professionals, fitness professionals, bio-hackers, athletes, and health-conscious humans who have already made the switch.

The time for better health has never been more crucial, and there's no better place to start than getting your water right.

Our Under-Counter Water Revival System™ will provide you with years of PristineHydro® water on demand - right from the comfort of your home!

You will no longer need to monitor the amount of water you drink! You can drink as much as you and your family need - at pennies a day! It is the best investment you will ever make in your health!

We've covered you if you travel for business or are a chronic vacationer! Our Travel-Portable Water Revival System™ guarantees that you will be drinking PristineHydro® water - no matter where your wanderlust takes you!

The system comes with several adaptors (hose adaptors, overseas adaptors, etc.) to easily connect to whatever water source you can access.

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