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Out of all the beverages on the market, water is often thought of as the healthiest option. But is that really the case? Recent studies have shown that bottled water can actually contain high levels of arsenic, lead and other harmful chemicals. So if you're looking for a truly healthy drink, you need to ditch the bottle and opt for something else. Here's a look at some of the health risks associated with bottled water and why you should avoid it at all costs.

Every known illness is associated with a magnesium deficiency and that, “magnesium bicarbonate" is the most critical mineral required for magneto-electrical stability of every cell in the body. A magnesium bicarbonate deficiency may be responsible for more diseases than any other nutrient…

Today's Water Options Are a Mess: Know the Facts

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that the average American drinks one to two liters of water each day. When consuming that much, water quality is paramount.

In the U.S., drinking water quality varies among regions, states, and even local communities. Water quality is susceptible to contamination from things like industry and agriculture, human and animal waste, the water treatment process itself, and even natural sources.

Water with unsafe levels of contaminants can cause various medical conditions — from neurological disorders to gastrointestinal disease.

"Drink more water" it's on almost everyone's priority list as a way to maintain good health. But how can you know if the water you're drinking is good?

Do a query and find out: EWG's Tap Water Database

The federal government’s legal limits are not health-protective. The EPA has not set a new tap water standard in almost 20 years, and some standards are more than 40 years old.

EWG Tapwater Database - Legal does not Equal Safe - Know what is in your water! Drink PristineHydro®'s Water Revival System™

Have you researched the alternatives? We have, and they weren't cutting it.

Many different options are marketed as "the best" - please do your due diligence... but Trust that we would not have invested the time and energy to create the PristineHydro® Water Revival System™ if a solution had already existed!

While tap water has been found to be a better source than many bottled water sources, unfortunately, even some of the cleanest water in the U.S. is still filled with contaminants. Even under the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulation, toxins are still in the water we consume every day.

Water that passes the EPA's test and qualifies as clean under legal limits may contain toxins that far exceed the limits outlined by qualified scientific research.

As the environment and landscapes across the country change, the potential for new and harmful toxins penetrating our drinking water increases.

Drinking Water Alternatives Compared to the PristineHydro Water Revival System

Drinking PROPERLY MINERALIZED Water is Essential for Optimal Health.

This journey began in 2005. How could we perfect water quality?

Our proprietary 10-Stage Water Revival System™ removes everything you don't want while restoring and reviving water to its original, unspoiled condition.

We set a new standard: ortho-silicic acid, high-alkaline pH, magnesium bicarbonate, and properly mineralized H2 hydrogen-rich water.

Unparalleled hydration for your body, supporting its own ability to heal from withIN!

Join the thousands of healthcare professionals, fitness professionals, bio-hackers, athletes, and health-conscious humans who have already made the switch.

PristineHydro®'s Water Revival System™ - Reviving Water back to Nature's Original Design

For those of you reviewing other options, you'll want to watch this!

We demonstrate how water ionizers are not filters. They do effectively remove ACIDS (good step) from tap water by means of electrolysis. The BAD news is everything they leave behind, HARD MINERALS (around 500 ppm!). Hard water is your greatest enemy.

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All walks of life, every story unique, brought together by a common bond... a recognition and appreciation of just how special this life truly is. One of the things we'll be doing a better job of going forward is to shine more light on those who're leading by examples by taking accountability for their own health, first! So that they can be of greater service to those they love and those within their local communities.

The time for better health has never been more crucial, and there's no better place to start than getting your water right.

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