optimal health begins with properly mineralized PristineHydro®


PristineWellness is located in Laguna Woods in Orange County, CA. We dispense Fresh Cold-Brewed PristineHydro High Alkaline pH+ Magnesium Water to our local customers. Now, we are providing the same quality water for everyone with our Water Revival System.

We believe the water that you drink is the most important component to your health. Since 2005, we've been perfecting consumable water quality by utilizing a revolutionary and innovative process. This evolved proprietary 10-Stage Filtration, Remineralization, and Recharging + Restructuring process restores water to its original unspoiled condition, the way nature intended it to be.

We are determined to take on the challenge of helping solve a complex global health crisis caused by acid rain and various types of over pollution. By combining the best technologies available, we offer unparalleled water quality that allows your body to heal from within. 

From production to consumption, we need to change the way water impacts our planet and ultimately our health!

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